The Importance of Eviction Protection for Landlords in Miami, FL

The Importance of Eviction Protection for Landlords in Miami, FL

How ready and knowledgeable are you if you need to file an eviction case for one or more of your Miami real estate properties?

If you're just "slightly" unsure what to do, then now's the best time to prepare and invest in eviction protection plans. A good enough reason is that eviction rates in Miami-Dade have skyrocketed in 2022 from 2020. Property owners filed nearly 20,000 eviction cases in 2022, compared to almost 11,000 in 2020.

This guide gives an overview of eviction protection plans and why they're crucial for landlords in Miami, FL, so read on.

Protection Against Eviction-Related Costs

Eviction protection plans are additional services offered by property management companies. They cover some of the costs of filing evictions, including court filing fees. Depending on the case, these can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

For instance, Miami landlords must pay $185 for court filing fees per case. On top of that is the $40 Sheriff's fee for each Summons-related service availed. They must also shell out money for other costs, such as notarization services.

With an eviction protection plan, you can worry less about paying those fees. It can help protect your bottom line from the burden and stress of an unexpected eviction.

Eviction Filing Done by Experts

Before evicting a tenant in Miami, you must give them prior written notice. This depends on the reason you're evicting them in the first place.

For example, if it's due to a tenant defaulting on their rent, you must give them three days' advance notice. If it's because they breached the lease, you must give them 15 days' notice. They can then rectify the issue within the provided time.

If they don't, that's the only time you can file an eviction case. You must go to the appropriate Clerk of the Court's Office to start the process.

The court will then set a hearing, which you and the tenant must attend. On this day, the judge will issue a judgment (you either win or lose).

If you win, you can proceed with the eviction, but the tenant still has several days to move. If you lose, you can't force them to leave.

So, an eviction is time-consuming, yet it still doesn't guarantee you (the landlord) will win.

But if you have an eviction protection plan, your property management company will handle the entire process on your behalf. You can expect them and their team of legal experts to work hard to get you the most desirable results.

Invest in Eviction Protection Today

With skyrocketing eviction rates, eviction protection is now more of a necessity. It can protect you from the financial and legal burden of removing a tenant.

At Pristine Property Management (PPM), we provide eviction protection services. We've been in business since 2011 and are proud to have ranked as one of the top management companies in Miami for 2020. You can count on us to fill your properties with tenants you'd love to keep, not evict.

So, speak with us today! We'll happily discuss the high-quality property management services you can expect from us.