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Let our experienced Miami Shores property management professionals manage your Miami Shores Rental Property.

  • Get Optimized Rental Value for Your Property
  • Gain Crucial Insight into Current Market Conditions
  • Determine Your Cashflow from Monthly Rental Value

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Why are we your best choice for professional Miami Shores property management?

Our #1 goal as your Miami Shores property management company is to protect your investment. The PPM (Pristine Property Management) partners are also landlords/investors and know your bottom line profit is most important.

PPM manages residential, multi-family and commercial properties in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale metropolitan areas (Dade and Broward counties) – representing clients from the US, Europe and Latin America.

We are continually expanding and adding new clients due to our responsive management tools. At the moment, we do not manage HOA's, vacation, or short-term rentals

Let us help you grow your Miami Shores investment property portfolio!

The size of our company allows us to provide a personalized level of attention to each of our clients and their properties. Thus, we are able to effectively deliver the highest return on your investments through top quality leasing and property management services.

As your Miami Shores property management company we’re committed to your complete satisfaction and long-term success. Our team will do everything possible to eliminate worry, mitigate risk, and allow you to enjoy a profitable property ownership experience. From managing your financial books and collecting payments to managing tenants’ troubling calls and enforcing quality standards, we handle it all efficiently and cost-effectively.

Full Service Miami Property Management

  • Tenant Management Services

    • Understand and Facilitate Owner's Objectives and Goals
    • Implement a 1, 3, and 5 Year Increased ROI Plan
    • Monthly Financial Statement Review and Auditing
    • Monthly Client Reports and Financials Provided
    • Effective Communication
    • Market Rent Surveys
    • Marketing of Vacant Units
    • Tenant Comprehensive Screening and Investigation
    • Lease Preparation and Signing
    • Security Deposit Escrow
    • Rent Collection
    • Delinquency Monitoring and Control
    • Enforcement of PPM & HOA Rules and Regulations
    • Property Inspections to Identify Repairs and Maintenance
    • Tenant Retention – Lease Renewals
    • 3-Day Notices, Evictions and Legal Proceedings
  • Maintenance Services

    • In-House Therefore Cost Effective
    • Responding to Tenant Questions, Comments, Queries and Complaints
    • 24 Hour, Live Repair Call Center
    • Monday – Saturday Maintenance and Repairs
    • 24 Hour Emergency Services
    • Lawn Service and Landscape Installation
    • Pest Control
    • Detailed Site Inspections
    • Preventative Maintenance Plans
    • Renovations
    • City and County Inspections and Compliance
    • Improve Buildings Curb Appeal
  • Accounting Services

    • Monthly and Year-End Accounting Statements Provided
    • Monthly Financial Statement Analysis and Auditing
    • Bill Payments – Mortgage, Insurance, Taxes, HOA, Utilities, etc.
    • Security Deposit Escrow
    • Delinquency Monitoring and Control
    • Implement a 1, 3, and 5 Year Increased ROI Plan
  • Marketing Services

    • Marketing of Vacant Units to Local Brokers and MLS Publication
    • Customized Property Websites
    • Social Media
    • E-Mail Blasts
    • Section 8 Databases (if appropriate)
    • Trade Publications