The Importance of a Tenant Background Check

The Importance of a Tenant Background Check

A tenant background check is a simple step that protects the property owner, the rental property, and the local community. Knowing who you are renting to can help prevent unwanted evictions. Eviction rates in the United State stand at about one per 17 tenants. 

You may even be required by law to provide some level of screening for tenants. If you are unsure about whether you should conduct screenings for tenants, read on to learn about the benefits of tenant screening. 

A Tenant Background Check Protects Your Property

One of your top priorities as a property owner is protecting your apartment or home from damage. A tenant criminal background check will inform you if the applicant has a history of property damage or any criminal history. 

Possible tenants who have a history of violent offenses may be a liability to your property. Eviction records may also help you protect your properties. 

You have invested time and money in preparing your rental property. You should use screenings to ensure that your tenants will not damage your properties. 

Screenings Protect the Community

As a property owner, your reputation matters. One way you can ensure that your reputation is not tarnished is by screening tenants. 

Background checks help keep your local community safe. Even one dangerous tenant can ruin your reputation in the community. No one wants to be referred to as a slum lord, and word of mouth travels fast. 

Liability Protection

One of the most important reasons to screen tenants is to protect property owners from liability. If you face a lawsuit due to the actions of a tenant, you want to be able to show in court that you did a thorough criminal background check.

Fair Housing laws prohibit denying an application due to race, sex, color, or national origin. You are allowed to deny applications due to a criminal history. You will have to be able to prove that a background check was the reason for the application denial, though. 

Managing a rental property requires protecting yourself against potential lawsuits from denied tenants and current tenants. A criminal background check helps you avoid losing lawsuits to either claim. 

Reduce Tenant Turnover

Background checks and application disclosures are reassuring to your current tenants. The screenings convey that you maintain a rigorous tenant screening process. This helps you find tenants who meet your tenant goals. 

Quality tenants are more likely to stay longer. The higher quality of your tenants, the better quality your tenants will experience overall.

They will be more likely to renew their leases, which saves you time and money. The results will be a higher occupancy rate and less time and money spent looking for new tenants. 

Learn More Tips About Managing Rentals

A tenant background check is a simple step that can protect you from liability. Your current tenants will appreciate the steps you take to make their community safer. 

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