Property Investors, Is Your Property Manager a NARPM Member?

Today we are talking to you from Atlanta, where we are attending the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) national conference. Brian Birdy has joined us, who is one of the board members of NARPM and an amazing guy and a great educator. Brian is sharing with our property owners why it’s beneficial for investor clients to select a NARPM member as their property manager. 

Individuals who join NARPM have made it clear that they will be a specialist in management and an expert in the field of property management. There are lots of individuals and real estate agents who do property management, but it changes when you actually join NARPM and commit to being educated, ethical and sharing with other professionals. 

Property managers who do not belong to NARPM have not figured out the potential of that experience and this association yet. We learn from each other about how to better serve our clients, including investors or reluctant landlords or whoever the property owners might be. Property managers get trained in how to better run their businesses. That means we are more successful while helping our owners and investors to be more successful. 

At NARPM events such as this, we learn about the laws, how to best protect properties and keep owners properly insured. All of the education we receive helps us run our businesses well and give the best service possible to our clients. We learn these things not only by being a NARPM member but also by attending events like this one. The fact that all the property managers here took the time and the energy to come to the annual conference shows that they are interested in getting better educated. 

Since we have become NARPM members, our business at Pristine Property Management has really been revolutionized. Our methodology has changed and we’re really using everything we learn to provide better business and high quality service to our clients. 

When you’re interviewing a property manager to take care of your rental home or investment property, make sure you ask if they are a member of NARPM. If they say yes, you’ll know you’re getting better quality, better service and a higher level of integrity. 

If you have any questions about NARPM and what we’ve learned at this year’s conference, please contact us at Pristine Property Management.