5 Reasons Why You Need Regular Rental Property Inspections

5 Reasons Why You Need Regular Rental Property Inspections

Florida has over 2.5 million renters.

If you're renting out your property, you know how difficult it can be to find great tenants in that large pool. To ensure your tenants are as great as they seem on paper, it's a good idea to perform rental property inspections regularly.

Rental property inspections not only allow you to check in on tenants, but they also allow you to ensure they're happy. Plus, regular inspections help protect your investment.

But how exactly do they do all of this? We'll tell you more below.

1. Keep Good Tenants Happy

You have a contract with your tenants that stipulates what your roles and responsibilities are as a landlord. Performing rental property inspections opens up a tenant portal for communication with you.

Perhaps more importantly, performing regular rental property inspections demonstrates to your tenants that you care about them, their safety, and their needs. Keeping good tenants happy is important because it increases the likelihood that they'll renew their lease. That saves you the time, effort, and money involved in finding new tenants.

2. Ensure Tenants Are Following Rules

You should have a set of agreed-upon rules in your contract. This is one of the most important owner resources because not all tenants are good tenants, and you want to be sure you've covered your basis in a signed, legal document.

But as an added security, you can perform rental property inspections to ensure they're following rules such as caring for the garden or keeping noise to a minimum. Of course, you should inform the tenants that you'll be performing these regularly.

3. Document Violations for Future Use

It’s very difficult to perform evictions in Florida. But, if you notice that the tenants are breaking the rules, you’ll want to start documenting that as soon as possible. Document these lease violations so you can start telling your side of the story when and if the time for evictions comes.

4. Find Small Problems That Could Become Bigger

Rental property inspections allow you to perform a regular rental analysis. An inspector can find things that your tenants may not have noticed. For example, with the heavy wind and rain we experience in Florida, there could be damage to windows, roofs, or even leaks behind walls.

Those problems may seem small at the moment, but they need to be fixed before they cause a bigger issue. Or worse, an accident for which you're liable.

5. Perform Regular Rental Valuation

You risk damage to your property when you rent it out to tenants. Even good tenants can get busy and forget to tell you about a leak or maintain their side of the contract agreements.

One way to improve the value of your rental is to ensure you conduct in-depth tenant screening before renting out your property. After that, rental property inspections allow you to physically observe the condition of your property. This is the best way to ensure your property is in good condition and maintaining its value.

Need Help With Rental Property Inspections?

You may live close to your rental property but have a busy schedule. Or, maybe, you live too far from your property to make regular visits.

Either way, we can help you perform regular rental property inspections in Miami, Florida. Contact us to find out more.