Why You Should Never Skip a Tenant Background Check

Why You Should Never Skip a Tenant Background Check

You never quite know what kind of tenant you'll get when you take them on. They may have a respectable job and a stable income, but that doesn't say much about them as a person. Your new tenants may have a history of missed rent or causing property damage. 

The things that make up their past can say a lot about how they'll be as your tenant. A tenant criminal background check is one of the most important if you want to learn more about them. 

Here's why you should always check their criminal record before you accept a tenant. 

Why a Background Check Is Necessary

There are various risks you face if you fail to properly check a prospective tenant's background. 

First of all, knowing their history helps you protect your property investment. For example, the applicant may have had trouble with drug abuse in the past. 

If a tenant fails to pay their rent or damages your property in some way, then you'll have to go through the eviction process. This process could take about half a month to finish.

Finally, you may be found partly responsible for anything illegal that happens on your property. This is avoidable by running a tenant criminal background check beforehand and keeping tabs on all of your properties. 

Benefits of a Tenant Criminal Background Check

One of the main benefits of a tenant criminal background check is that you can verify whether or not someone is being truthful about their past. You can see when the individual was arrested and what they were convicted for. 

Screening tenants also reduces the rate of turnover. You can find people who are less likely to break their lease or have steady jobs despite their criminal history.

A landlord cannot refuse a tenant solely for having a criminal history. However, it can inform their decision whether to lease to them or not. 

How to Check Someone's Criminal Record

The first thing to know before running a background check is that it's illegal to do so without approval from the prospective tenant. Most landlords include a request to perform a background check in the rental application form. 

One way to perform a criminal background check is through one of the major Credit Bureaus. This process may take about five business days. 

You can also order a criminal background check through one of the many online services. Some of the records you gain access to include arrest records, court records, felonies, and more. 

Avoid Risky Tenants

The reason you should run a tenant criminal background check isn't to avoid renting out to certain people. You run the check to completely analyze the risk involved in a prospective tenant based on their past behaviors. It may be that they only recently left prison and may bring trouble to your property. 

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