3 Rental Property Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

3 Rental Property Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It takes constant care attention to look after a property. Whether it is your own humble abode or you are overseeing multiple properties, no matter how pristine it may look right now, if one thing is for certain, it is that something will go wrong at some point. 

However many of the common challenges are compounded by the fact that many property owners make rental property maintenance mistakes. 

What are some of them? And what actions can you take that will make sure you avoid them? Read on to find out.  

1. Going for Convenience and Cost Over Professionals 

The biggest part of property maintenance often is fixing a problem, and fast. When a property manager hears of an issue it is easy for them to think of the quickest and cheapest way to solve it. The problem lies in that many think that means accepting the most responsive and cheapest vendor.

Some have even been known to use friends or family to do maintenance and even heavy-duty repair work. 

Try your best not to fall into this trap. Doing so could spell disaster for your finances and even for your company as a whole. 

Not vetting the vendors you use can leave your property in need of further repairs due to shoddy work, meaning that a small job could end up becoming even more expensive. Secondly, you could be exposing yourself to potential legal action. If any uninsured workers get injured, it could be you who needs to foot the bill for any medical costs plus more. 

Among all rental property maintenance mistakes this one is the most common, so protect your interests and only use professionals you can trust. 

2. Forgetting About Preventative Property Maintenance

While it can seem like property maintenance is on the whole reactive, most can be stopped in their tracks if you have a good routine of preventative care. 

Things like boilers and air conditioning should be serviced annually, along with regular cleaning of gutters and drains to prevent flooding.

Also, local knowledge can be key in stopping future damage. For example, here in Florida, we all know when hurricane season will rear its ugly head. Are your homes prepared?  

Being so will help the homes for rent you look after to stay in mint condition all year round.

3. Not Being Proactive 

Especially when looking after multiple properties, it is easy to let what seem to be minor issues slide. Whatever the reason for it, this is one of the rental property maintenance mistakes that can come back to bite you, and for good reason.

Most busy, hard-working tenants will not inform you of problems in their homes when they happen. This means that if you hear a dripping sink now, in reality, the problem could be weeks old. If you are to leave it for longer than that, it could be a plumbing nightmare for you to handle. 

For that reason alone, get on your maintenance coordination a-game and try not to procrastinate on tenant complaints. 

Avoid Rental Property Maintenance Mistakes by Using the Experts

Keeping your properties in top shape can sometimes seem like you are spinning endless plates. We hope our keys to avoiding rental property maintenance mistakes will help prevent you from letting them fall any time soon. 

There is an easier way, however. If they are in Miami or Fort Lauderdale areas then let us look after your investment by managing your property. Take advantage of our 5-star service and get in contact with us now!